9 Thoughts About This Actual Butthole In An American Apparel Ad


and yet we wouldn’t mind getting those panties

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  • I feel like we’re way overdue for glorifying the butthole. Like, there’s nothing wrong with a butthole. I know that a lot of people know that, and embrace their own buttholes, as well as the buttholes of others; some people unabashedly celebrate the butthole. But as a whole, as a society, we aren’t yet fully loving ourselves anally.
  • In some ways, this ad isn’t even that unrealistic. Sure, there are more appropriate things you could wear on a bike, but anyone who’s ever spent a summer with a bike as their primary form of transportation knows that there are some days when a combination of high temperatures and not giving a fuck result in you biking around wearing as little clothing as possible. The creeps and prudes don’t matter in those moments. Sometimes, it’s just you, the road, the heat, and your butthole in the breeze.
  • Even models’…

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cant drop this, baby!


Andrea smiths baby series had me hooked not only did the synopsis live up to standard but the book itself despite being quite long had me craving the sequel. The baby series is going to give you a book hangover, this I guarantee!!
Tylar a college girl working on the sinclair falls in love with none other than hot shot attorney sinclair son
“Those who loved fifty will love this” I quote 😀
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awesome series!!! Too far!!!


A wonderful indie romance novel with a rock star royalty!!!! It is no wonder I fell in love with Rush even with his somewhat rude treatment towards Blair but who does love a bit of unrequited love so we know the is that groveling scene every girl lives for. An absolute boyfriend in these pages (rush)
Be warned!!!! This series may give a massive book hangover.
Ps: make some suggestions if you know any for similar reads in the comments below
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Dark reads Friday!!!!!!


Now reading a dark book is like walking on a thin line or driving of a cliff you are not sure you supposed to be reading it but u can’t help it.
It’s scary and daring and at the same time we find comfort in it.
You love to hate the hero especially and before it’s over you hate to love them.
They have this cliff hangers we hate most of the time but can’t help craving or looking for them.
And what other way to start this experience with Aleatha Romig’s Consequences?
Goodness!!! It may have cliffhangers but the sequels truth and convicted are out


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new release alert!!!


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After the intense yet very welcome and enjoyable ride Katy Evans took us on Real (which had us swooning for Remy and seeing MMA fighters in a whole new light and yes! admitting our love for the alpha male). it is only fair that Mine would keep us in an anxious fit… finally it is  out and it doesn’t disappoint not at all!!!

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